Netroomz is a fully functional website booking system with all the features you would expect, plus more.

Rates/Availability Screen

Netroomz’ near-ubiquitous rooms availability grid makes it easy for your potential hotel customers to choose available rooms. At one glance at the screen, users could easily decide which room to get. Grid colours can be customised to fit the look of your site - enabling seamless integration to your website and transforms mere lookers into bookers

Administration Dashboard

Of course, we didn't leave Hotel Managers out from the party. Netroomz’ Administration panel is just as user-friendly as the hotel booking grid. You can manage everything from this screen. That includes updating Third-party websites like, LastMinute, Travelocity, Expedia using our equally-powerful Channel Manager, Freeloader.

Integrated Sales and Booking Chart

View your Hotel's revenues in real-time

Daily Allotment Page

Facility to manage your day-to-day room rates. This enables you to control and customise individual rooms' rates.

Update Bulk Allotments

Rapid update features enables your Hotel to make room rates updates in a single step.

Booking Reports

Need to know how your hotel is doing? Have the information you need about a reservation on-the-fly

Update Hotel Information

Customize your Hotel's basic infomation

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