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With Netroomz, you can automatically have the lowest bookings on your website!
Website Monitoring with Google Analytics and our built-in conversion tools!
Netroomz also offers value-added services like web design, email marketing and more!
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Netroomz is an online booking engine specifically implemented for hotels to boost bookings directly off their website.

We are a travel industry-focused valued-added service provider.

Netroomz was launched in Australia in 2004 and is already a proven performer in web booking technology. In this relatively short time, Netroomz has displaced traditional booking engines for many well-known hotel chains and independent hotels, generating significant increased in their direct website revenue... typically in excess of 500% as a result.

  • Visitor tracking with Google Analytics

    Be 'in the know'

    How many customers view rates for your property? At what point they are abandoning the booking? What is your true conversion rate of lookers to bookers? Netroomz will provide the answers to these questions - and more. Netroomz includes traffic and conversion tracking and reporting AND you can insert your Google Analytics tracking codes so that we feed back all the info straight into your Google Analytics console!

  • Chargeable Add-ons for your rooms

    Up Sell

    If your market is primarily business you might want to offer broadband, access to your business lounge, express breakfast etc as up sell items. Flexible pricing options mean you can offer almost anything for sale as part of the booking process.

  • Optional Promo codes for frequent visitors to your hotel

    Know where is your business coming from

    Setup exclusive promotions and track the results. Promotion and Referrer codes let you measure precisely where your business has originated from, which marketing campaigns are producing, and which aren't.

  • Visitor tracking with Google Analytics

    Plays Well With Others

    Netroomz comes with a suite of open APIs which enable you to automatically maintain info from your website and to closely integrate the booking engine with your website. That means you need only update information once, and you can display rates, availability etc direct within your own web pages. In fact you can even implement your own booking screens and use our booking API.

  • Visitor tracking with Google Analytics


    We realize that no two hotel groups are identical. You have invested in your branding and you should be able to preserve that throughout the online booking process. That’s why Netroomz not only lets you customize look and feel of the booking pages but you can include your own html, scripts etc within our pages. You can even create your own html email confirmation templates and upload them for Netroomz to use when emailing your customers. Then end result is the booking engine appears as a seamless extension of your website.

    Further than look and feel – Netroomz includes literally dozens of configuration options for each chain and each hotel. Too many to list here. Contact us to discuss how Netroomz can be easily customized to meet your requirements.

  • Visitor tracking with Google Analytics

    Mobile Ready

    As usage of mobile devices for travel bookings continues to grow rapidly, you need a booking engine that is mobile ready. Netroomz of course includes a mobile booking engine designed for small screens. But further than that – our mobile engine si customizable so you can not only control the look and feel of it – you can control what information you require from customers making mobile bookings. For example you can choose not to require payment details for same day arrivals booking on mobile devices – making it easier and quicker for the customer and increasing mobile conversions.

  • Visitor tracking with Google Analytics


    True multi language capabilities, multi currency support, support for local taxation regimes etc means Netroomz can adapt easily to wherever you operate properties.

  • Visitor tracking with Google Analytics

    Includes Integrated Channel Manager

    Our integrated channel manager Freeloader is included at no extra cost with the Netroomz booking engine.

  • Visitor tracking with Google Analytics


    Netromz includes many features to let you easily setup and manage promotions, packages, deals etc either for public consumption or linked to promotion codes. Our new discount campaign engine is a great example. It lets you setup promotions across your chain in seconds. Contact us to see it in action!

  • Visitor tracking with Google Analytics


    They say you need to be able to manage things to manage them. With Netroomz you have access to a rich suite of reports, graphs and charts to let you keep your finger on the pulse. Whether you want to benchmark conversion and abandonment per property in your group or have at-a-glace view of what is on the books – Netroomz has it covered.

  • Visitor tracking with Google Analytics

    Cost Effective

    Best of all – Netroomz is very cost effective – and risk free. Check our pricing here. If you have a chain of properties contact us to discuss a custom proposal.

New Feature: iPhone App
  • The result was immediate, and significant. As soon as we switched to Netroomz, we saw a considerable increase in bookings from our website Carmen Hill, Marketing Coordinator, Mint Resorts and Apartments

  • Netroomz has made a big difference for us since we implemented it and the success has been huge ever since. Fatu Fuatavai, Owner of Airport Garden Inn Resort & Conference Centre

  • It’s very easy for people to book on our website. Customers, who used to book on third party websites now tend to book on our own website. Ellen-Marie Suttie, Reservatons Manager, Darwin Airport Resort

  • We were impressed with the results and so decided to also implement Netroomz at our sister hotel. Martin Gribble, Adelaide Riviera Hotel

No Setup Cost

Yes, there is no setup cost, just sign up with Netroomz and you can be given a unique login and begin listing your hotel’s accommodation engine almost immediately.

2.95% or Fixed Monthly Fee

More value for your money while using our award-winning booking engine. This also includes Freeloader Channel Manager to manage multiple third party sites at once - all within the Netroomz interface!

FREE Channel Manager

With Freeloader, our very own Channel Manager which enables you to automatically update your inventory on dozens of travel websites, you can ensure that all your booking information are up-to-date - all within the same easy-to-use Netroomz admin console.

Value-Added Services

Need internet presence for your hotel? Netroomz can help you through our Web Design, Web Marketing and Web Hosting services