Netroomz is a booking engine designed to satisfy your customers’ booking requirements. It has “stick-ability”: the capacity to turn your online lookers into bookers.

When our customers implement Netroomz, their Direct Internet bookings increase several-fold. As a result their distribution costs decrease and they enjoy a direct marketing relationship with more of their guests. This is particularly true for hotels that already allow bookings on their website and want to secure more business, direct.

Netroomz Booking Engine Pricing and Features

  Netroomz Feature

No Setup Fee

  Netroomz Feature

Unlimited Websites

    No install fee! Ideal for hotels who want to try out our award-winning booking engine!     You'll find that even our trial plan offer unlimited website for you to add Netroomz Booking Engine. And that's just the beginning
  Netroomz Feature

Lowest Fees

  Netroomz Feature

Free 4 Weeks Trial

    Our rates is the lowest ever in Australia regardless of Netroomz Standard or Netroomz Professional     Get Netroomz and Freeloader for no-strings-attached 1 month trial for your website

1 Month Trial





1- 20 rooms

$129/month + GST or applicable local taxes

21 – 50 rooms

$179/month + GST or applicable local taxes

51+ rooms

$219/month + GST or applicable local taxes

For groups of properties – either

2.95% of booked revenue or the flat fees per property per month to the left.