Conceptualization, planning, modelling and execution of static and dynamic pages to create customized websites. Online banners, flash animations, audio and video files/streaming and rich media applications are further features our design team can develop to enhance your online presence and boost hotels’ brand image on the World Wide Web.

Our fully integrated email marketing solution, Email Services, enables the development of personalized email campaigns appealing to different audiences and targeting diverse guests’ needs. Furthermore, Email Services evaluates campaigns’ effectiveness and delivers critical intelligence in shape of “real time reports” and “updated statistics”.

Developing online brand awareness, building exceptional communication and maintaining up-to-date information, within the highly competitive online market, is where our marketing team focuses on. Our marketing team can assist you with Google advertising and Search Engine Optimization as well.

We provide space on our world class, high availability, multiple data centres servers so that your website has peace of mind online presence. This includes 24 hours monitoring, allocated account manager and 2hrs response ‘fanatical support’.

Our training videos are practical and straight forward, and are available online or on CD. We can also provide on request manuals for easy instructions on rate and allotment management, or instructions for your website developer to implement links to Netroomz.

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