Netroomz is a fully functional website booking system with all the features you would expect, plus more.

We provide post-implementation statistical reports, analysing the booking activity, conversion rates etc of your customer at your site. We’ll tell you what’s happening and what you can do about it to increase the bookings from your website.

Whilst Netroomz is really easy to set up, you might require something more tangible to assist with staff training.

Our training videos are practical and straight forward, and are available online or on CD. We can also provide on request manuals for easy instructions on rate and allotment management, or instructions for your website developer to implement links to Netroomz.

As a Netroomz customer you can also access our Frequently Asked Questions section and download documentation at anytime.

You get the added advantage of participating in Hotels Direct – our exclusive portal site which provides you with even more low-cost direct web bookings.

Our fully integrated Central Reservations System (CRS) enables you to process reservations from your call centre using Netroomz using the same database of rates and inventory that is used on your website.

Our fully integrated email marketing solution Email Services enables you to send customized bulk emails to your website customers and to track and measure the results.

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