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Netroomz is a fully functional website booking system with all the features you would expect, plus more. Here are some of the screenshots which will give you a grasp of what Netroomz is about to offer:

Main Administration Page

Main page which contains links to all your Booking engine operations

Detailed Administration Main Page

Main page in close up

Integrated Sales and Booking Chart

View your Hotel's revenues in real-time

Maintain Daily Allotment Page

Facility to manage your day-to-day room rates

Update Bulk Allotments

Rapid update features enables your Hotel to make updates in a single step

Stop Sell Allotments

Maintain Allotments in any given period of time

Update Hotel Information

Customize your Hotel's basic infomation

Edit Room Types

Individually update your rooms

Booking Reports

Have the information you need about a reservation on-the-fly

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